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Teesdale Associates

For 30 years we’ve been recognised as trusted advisors on People + Performance matters to clients across all business sectors.

From leadership development to employment relations and culture change to business transformation, we deliver superior outcomes for clients in the people elements of strategy delivery and business performance improvement.

Our hallmarks are innovative but practical strategies which deliver the required results, a passion for quality outcomes and highly responsive service, 24/7. Our objective is to understand quickly what you need and get on with it.  Our contribution ranges from providing total solutions to working with internal resources.  In all cases we quickly adapt to the culture and values of your business and operate very much as part of your team.

Strategic Focus

We bring a strategic business focus that balances your long-term objectives with your short-term goals. Our philosophy is that business performance will only be enhanced if people are committed to business goals. We have a passion for achieving the impossible and our success is reflected in our strong relationships with valued clients, including several of more than 20 years’ standing.


We quickly adapt to the culture and values of your organisation and operate very much as part of your team. Our clients will attest to our speed of response. Specialist consultants are available on a 24/7 basis to provide immediate service, whether by on site attendance or remotely.


We provide down to earth advice that works. While we have access to international best practice and continually update our knowledge, we believe our market is specialised and so we develop from first principles innovative strategies relevant to NZ circumstances.


We will listen to your thoughts and ideas. However, our view is that our involvement is not justified unless we can contribute a high percentage of any solution through our own ideas. We will robustly justify our recommended course of action in any situation and constructively challenge views with which we disagree.


Innovation is a core competency of our business. Our involvement with a wide range of client projects enables us to stretch the boundaries of what is achievable through continuous evolution, with minimum risk. Wherever possible we aim for a quantum leap to best practice rather than slower incremental change.


We are a small, flexible business not bound by unnecessary systems or inflexible methodologies. Our objective is to quickly understand what you need and get on with it, rather than get bogged down in writing a complex brief to protect our interest. With experience we have developed the judgement to know when to liaise and report. Our commercial terms are straightforward with an itemised monthly invoice based on time involved, or agreed price.


If you have a dispute or conflict of any kind, mediation is an excellent avenue to get the issues resolved as early as possible. The process is informal, fast and effective, with confidentiality being assured.


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