A winning strategy is at the heart of everything we do.  Our interest is in the long term success of your business and we bring a proven track record for fast track change to best practice.  Once the people implications of your strategy are discovered it’s about choosing a few powerful, proven initiatives and executing effectively. Our extensive practical experience, commitment to innovation, strong understanding of peoples’ attitudes and motivation and our determination to succeed, ensure our strategies achieve the business results you seek.


Business Transformation

Most businesses are perfectly designed to deliver today’s results. If you need something better a planned programme of change is required and we can assist, end to end. Whether your project drivers are revenue growth, cost reduction, a new business model or integration of a new acquisition, we can lead both planning and implementation of the required change. From organisation re-design, changes to terms of employment to support the new plan, communication strategies that build understanding and momentum for change through to selection and appointment, we offer guidance, proven tools and most of all, results. 


People Development

Our EAGR model for developing your people addresses four key challenges by offering effective strategies to:

  • ENGAGE and retain a diversity of talented people; and win their passionate support;
  • ACHIEVE outstanding results by supporting your people to make the greatest contribution they can;
  • GROW them through mentoring and developing their skills and career options; and
  • REWARD and recognise them to drive top performance.

Bargaining & Negotiation

We are skilled negotiators known for practical strategies that deliver the required results; and we are passionate about maintaining that reputation. Successful change requires the support of those who are affected and a key competency is our ability to develop and communicate strategies that naturally motivate the majority of people to accept the changes proposed. Like any other business improvement project we consider the level of investment in people that is justified to secure the required changes.  We have successfully managed many large projects in both the public and private sectors. Hallmarks of these projects are longer-term agreements with significant annual savings, flexible terms of employment, and an absence of strike action and media publicity.

Outside of the employment space, we apply these same skills and principles to the many commercial challenges and disputes we resolve for clients.  


Teesdale Workplace Investigations

Our team are experienced investigators, with significant experience across all sectors.  We are members of the American Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI).  For more information contact:


Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Mediation is an excellent avenue to get disputes resolved as early as possible, but ready access to skilled mediators in the public Mediation Service continues to be an issue.

We provide a private mediation service with top mediators like John Wood and Clive Bennett.  We aim to solve problems early and avoid the legal costs incurred by parties sparring while waiting for access to mediation.  Compared with the free mediation services provided by MBIE, we provide:

  • Fast response – a core value of our business.
  • Direct discussion with a real person to make arrangements on an urgent basis.
  • An early appointment - you won’t have to wait weeks – which is particularly important where the employment relationship is ongoing.
  • Skilled and experienced mediators.
  • Your choice of mediator.
  • Assurance our people will work very hard to achieve a mutually acceptable outcome.
  • Better results and overall lower costs.

For urgent attention 24/7, contact Tony Teesdale:, or 021 920 323.


Employment Agreement Design

For over 25 years we have been acknowledged leaders in this field.  Our innovations, particularly our plain English document designs, have set benchmarks others follow.  The employment relationship is more than a purely contractual one.  Our view is that the same design principles you apply to marketing material to generate the support of external customers, should be applied to your internal customer relationship with employees. We also believe in a single status approach where people performing the same work benefit from the same terms of employment because the people in your business are part of one team taking on the world.  Even where some employees may be union members, our view is that the same design principles should apply, with both collective and individual agreements being virtually identical.


Employment Relations Advice

Our business was initially founded on trouble shooting services for clients, a tradition we maintain today. We have a strong capability in employment law, with in-house specialists who focus on ways to achieve your goals.  Many clients engage us to provide advice to managers on a 24/7 basis and you can rely on prompt service from your preferred consultants.  A core strength is dealing with people who are not meeting your reasonable expectations with regard to performance or behavior.  We bring a pragmatic approach aimed at resolving issues quickly and efficiently, while at the same time maintaining a firm but fair approach.  We also undertake independent employment investigations, particularly with the more difficult and serious cases.

Should a personal grievance or dispute arise we bring a pragmatic approach to early resolution but, if required, we provide representation in the Authority or the Court.


EUREKA HR Intranet

EUREKA is a very effective tool which enables your managers to get better results through their people, every day.

It is a consumer grade intranet portal that together we fully customise to your circumstances, which empowers your managers to engage, manage, grow, reward and get results through their people. EUREKA will become your first line of HR service delivery enabling managers to do a better job of their everyday people management responsibilities from recruitment, setting expectations, coaching and performance management to restructuring and termination.  Most managers won’t use traditional intranets they see as poorly organised and hard to navigate.  What sets Eureka apart is the clarity with which the information is provided, including step by step guides, flow charts, conversation plans, document templates and so on.  EUREKA shows managers both what to do and how to do it.  EUREKA delivers the portal you would build yourself, but faster and at lower cost. Your HR resources can then be directed to higher value work, or downsized.  Talk to us about a demo. 



COMMS 4 WORK is a highly regarded development programme for front line managers and team leaders.  It improves their ability to achieve results through people, by developing the skill, and will, to hold often ‘courageous’ conversations with their people about every day events that matter; from setting high expectations, to handling difficult workplace issues.

Together we fully customise the programme to your particular culture and circumstances.  Learning impact is achieved through understanding good technique via pre-work and then applying that technique through role plays in customised case studies and scenarios. Learning application is immediate with participants making specific commitments to apply what they learn which can be monitored subsequently by their manager or HR.


Health & Safety

The fact is far too many people are injured, or die as a result of workplace accidents. In addition to the high personal impact for many people, the business costs of workplace accidents are significant.  While the 2015 Act imposes greater obligations on all parties, our view remains that it’s the attitude of the people rather than the system itself which will deliver better outcomes; and that must start at the top.  We implement health and safety systems, advise on strategies to promote positive attitudes to health and safety, provide audit services and assist with all other aspects of health and safety and ACC, including risk management should things go wrong.



Our HR2GO division sources the people, contractors, tools and support you need to make your business a success.  From recruitment of permanent staff to leasing short term contractors and from personal coaching to career transition services, HR2GO provides the solution.